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      How to Get MetInfo commercial license?

      2012-07-17 12:06:07 Website Name Read
      1. To participate in personalized web site templates in exchange for a commercial license
      Provide a set to meet the specifications of the MetInfo user's manual, templates to create enterprise site templates, can apply for a permanent business license. The specific requirements are as follows:
      1) modify the official or existing templates was significantly different in style and function with existing templates;
      2) the template file should be consistent with MetInfo user's manual, templates to create the specification requirements, all documents are complete and orderly;
      3) Template Home section, relevant contact information and all important information can be modified by the background configuration;
      2. Buy the official virtual space free access to a commercial license in the appropriate time
      Buy the virtual space of the official, free access to the appropriate length of a commercial license, the second year only need to renew space will be able to continue to enjoy free access to the commercial license, commercial license costs MetInfo enterprise website manager system has been 0;
      For details, please refer to: http://www.metinfo.cn/web/promotion.htm
      3. direct purchase of a permanent business license
      Regular edition of 1000 yuan, 3000 yuan advanced version details, please refer to: http://www.metinfo.cn/web/product.htm
      Businesses authorize FAQ:
      1. 100% open source why charge business license fees?
        Official answer: MetInfo enterprise website management system is a 100% open source enterprise website management system for personal websites and non-profit site is permanently free to use, If you are a user of the unit and our system for commercial use, we need to charge copyright royalties, in order to maintain the software development costs and further development, and commercial users, including but not limited to enterprises, institutions, government departments, schools, etc.; of course you can also participate in our promotions, and free access to the commercial license .
      2. What are the benefits to obtain a commercial license?
        The official answer: In addition to get the official commercial license, you can enjoy the appropriate level of official technical support services.
      3. which sites do not need to buy a commercial license? How to distinguish the individual sites and units site?
        The official answer: All personal website (not restricted as to use), non-profit nature of the unit website does not need to buy commercial copyright, but without a business license does not allow removal of the official copyright information. Individual site is the site all the information in their personal capacity (including industrial and commercial registration of personal and individual businesses), showing the commercial and non commercial websites, promotional corporate website is a personal website to the domain name and the record of an individual registered category.
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